Dank je wel  Evenstars Lingerie!

Thank you Evenstars Lingerie!

I've known Arwen since she started her shopEvenstars Lingerie has opened on the Pampuslaan. One day I just spontaneously walked in to get acquainted and that was immediately very pleasant. Since then we have been drinking coffee together now and then. We then chat about each other's work and how entrepreneurship in IJburg is doing.

The last time I was with Arwen I said that I wanted to do something extra for my clients..

I am very happy and grateful that I can do this work and that people have confidence in my way of working. Clients are my number 1 priority, I am available 24/7 with advice and action if necessary. But I still enjoy doing something extra, something unexpected. Just a treat just like that, or for motivation..

A few days later Arwen called me to say she had something nice for me.

When I arrived at the store she had made beautifully wrapped presents to give to my clients.

Well! That is crazy! That you can do something nice for each other in this way. 

Thank you Arwen for thinking along and for surprising us!

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