Use those gray months to your advantage!

People often grumble about the gray months of autumn. They find it boring and it makes some very sad. But that is really a shame. Just embrace this time, let it work in your favor.

Time to work on yourself

In the summer it gets busy enough again with all those spontaneous drinks and bbqs. It is also nice to cut back on alcohol for a while. Many people feel a lot fitter when they decide not to drink for a while..

So go! Especially now to the gym or put on your running shoes. Nice and early to bed with a nice book. Have a good breakfast, take healthy snacks, cook fresh, eat lots of vegetables and healthy fats. Drink plenty of water, herbal tea and fresh ginger tea.

Do you go to work by bike in good weather? Continue to do this in the colder months. Daily exercise ensures a better metabolism and resistance. Moreover, it gives you energy and that energy in turn ensures that you opt for a better diet..

If you are inclined to eat more in the dark months and you also exchange the bicycle for the car, there is a good chance that you will gain weight. With good weather you naturally want to have it off again. All extra work that you could have saved yourself.

Enjoy without feeling guilty

Enjoy that block of chocolate that you couldn't resist because it is so gray and drab outside and therefore also makes your mood gray and drab.

Accept that you did that. Because if you eat that block while you feel guilty, it has a negative connotation that can just cause you to do it again tomorrow and afterwards.

If you accept it from yourself, it is much easier to switch the switch and go back to the healthy diet that helps you get and stay fit.

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