Free weight loss because your insurance pays!

Do you want to lose weight for free before the holidays or in January 2019?

A package of 3 months and the insurance pays!

Because Proud Today is affiliated with the professional association for weight consultants( In many cases, the insurance co-pays for the client's trajectories from the supplementary package. The compensation can sometimes be enormous.

I have had people in the practice who followed a 12-week program with me, where they ultimately only had to pay 5 euros more.

Even if you want advice on how to improve your diet, it is advisable to check your supplementary insurance. On the Proud Today website you can find more information about the reimbursements they offer per insurance company.

Are you someone who every few weeks or months lose some excess kilos with expensive shakes or pills? These are diets and they always lead to yo-yo behavior with the result that you eventually only gain weight and do not lose the excess weight anymore. You could probably have gotten professional advice and guidance for much less money so that you get and stay at a healthy weight, without having to follow a diet. At Proud Today you probably eat even better and you don't have to leave everything alone.n.

A little more work on that edge around your waist

It is a shame if you want to shine in that one dress or slim fit shirt during the holidays and it is really way too tight around your stomach. can do. The intake is free and without obligation. This gives you the opportunity to assess whether the Proud Today method is for you.. Make an appointment now for a free intake.

The intention to lose weight in January 2019?

Do you intend to do something serious about your health and / or obesity next year? It would then be wise to adjust your supplementary insurance accordingly for a few euros per month.

Call or email us today because we would like to take a look with you

Do you need that little bit of support to lose those few extra pounds during the holidays Or do you want to make a nice start in January to feel good about yourselfn?

Call or email us today and we will be happy to see with you how much you will be reimbursed from your additional package or which additional package could be beneficial for you for next year.

If you do not live in the vicinity of Amsterdam or do not want to come for a consultation every other week, you can opt for online guidance. The reimbursement from the supplementary insurance also applies for this.

Do you want to lose weight, gain weight or improve your energy level in a healthy way We are happy to help you with this. We have developed a number of very effective programs.Order your online program on our website and start living a healthier and fun life today.

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