You can still participate in the Proud Today New Year's Eve promotion!

When I went to take a picture the day before yesterday to add to the message about the Proud Today New Year's campaign, I had selected a nice shiny New Year's card for it.

But when I put the Christmas tree on the road this morning to be picked up by the garbage collection, I actually thought that was a much more appropriate image for the message.

I have to admit that the face of that beautiful, but now bare, tree that lay there on the cold sidewalk at the edge of the road made me a little sad. He had blasted pontifically in the middle of our living room for 2 full weeks. The top was up to the ceiling, it was full of lights and beautiful and fun ornaments.

So many early morning emotions. On the one hand, a bit sad at the sight of the bare tree on the cold street. On the other hand, think back to the beautiful tree in our house and then become happy again. That says a lot more about life than a random shiny New Year card.

We are not always shiny. We all have our issues and all need to find our way in this life.

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