Proud Today Summerdeal!

Have a nice holiday or are you not going on holiday and do you want to use your time at home to work on your body and vitality Do you already know that some extra pounds have been gained after your holidayn?

Do you have a nice boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter who would like to join you? Then the Summerdeal from Proud Today is for you!!

What does the Summerdeal from Proud Today entail?

  • My self-developed alternative to a 7-day detox, including necessary supplements..
  • A healthy eating schedule for 21 days including a recipe for easy to prepare and healthy dinners and a shopping list every day.
  • Personal assistance.
  • 3 weighing moments where you can see if your fat percentage is going down,

*  This is not a detox program of juices and pills.n.

If you want to continue after the promotion, you will receive a 25 discount on a follow-up program.t.

What does the Proud Today Summer Deal cost?

  • € 199.00 for a program of 2 people.
  • In many cases your insurer also pays.

This deal is no longer valid.

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