Sleep deprivation and obesity

Obesity and lack of sleep often go hand in hand.

Can you gain weight from sleep deprivation?

Chronic sleep deprivation can certainly contribute to obesity. You are awake more time in a day. As a result, the chance that you will still snack late at night is much greater. However, the chance that you will burn extra late at night because you are going to run for a while is a lot less.t.

Less resistance to unhealthy snacks

People who sleep poorly also often suffer from emotional eating to a greater or lesser extent. A tired body craves fast sugars because it simply needs energy. Because you are tired yourself, you do not have enough discipline to choose foods that contain less fast sugars and would be much better for you.

Gloom and stress

Chronic fatigue can also lead to sadness and stress, which are also two well-known triggers for emotional eating. You think that with a sugary product you can make your fatigue disappear. However, the fast sugars are immediately absorbed by your body with the result that it quickly requires new energy. This way you eat a lot more per day than you burn. I understand that someone who is chronically fatigued shouldn't think about going to the gym at night or going for a run. Although an ordinary block could have a positive effect..

Disruption of the hormone leptin

Sleep deprivation can also cause disruption of the hormone leptin. Leptin suppresses your appetite when it's time to go to sleep and makes you feel hungry when you wake up. During our sleep, the leptin level in our blood rises. This gives your brain the message that it is not necessary to eat for the time being. But when we sleep too short, the body does not get the time to get the leptin level to the level that is necessary to give it a full feeling. As a result, we get up with a leptin deficiency and more hunger in the morning than intended.

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