Tijd over door het coronavirus? Gebruik het in je voordeel!

Time left because of the corona virus? Use it to your advantage!

Do you have to work at home due to the corona virus? You cannot go to the gym because it had to close its doorsn?

Via this link to my website:https://www.proudtoday.com/pages/bewegen-met-proud-today-voor-afvallen-en-meer-energie you come to move on the page. On this page you will find all kinds of exercises that you can easily perform at home.n.

You can also find different running plans here: from beginners to intermediate..

Is it your dream to start every morning with a fresh running session but you never get around to it Then now is your chance!!

Now that the schools and sports clubs have had to close their doors, I also see a great challenge to involve your kids in your home sports activities!

Another thing you can do to keep moving is plan a walk of 10,000 steps a day.

Such a daily walk is very good for your fat burning..

You can use the time that you have left because you do not have to travel back and forth from the office.

Even if you've been wanting to improve your eating habits for a while, now is THE time to get started.

Sports clubs, restaurants and cafes will all close their doors in the coming weeks.

As a result, you suddenly have a lot of time on the weekend.

Then use this extra time to make a serious action plan for yourself.

How about going with a garbage bag along your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator.

Give all the junk that isn't good for you a one-way trash can. You must first be sure that there are enough healthy products on the shelves to replace of course.

Go to bed an hour earlier. Maybe it's an attractive idea to start watching Netflix late into the evening now. But going to bed an hour earlier gives you a lot more energy.

And plan that you start in the morning with a brisk walk or a run..

Have your things ready next to your bed. Up to your house keys. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are ready to go outside and you cannot find your house keys. I speak from experience.

Do you like to listen to music when you walk and do you have airpods Make sure they are charged frustration numero 2 2)

Have you had a plan to do something about your obesity for a long time? Would you rather not come by for the intake in the coming weeks? I also do the free and free intake by telephone. I can simply send you the eating plans for the first two weeks by email. And with all that extra time you have to spare, you have plenty of time to fully focus on your eating plan. 

Do you feel good and do you want to come by for an intake? That is also possible. I work by appointment, so there is no more than one client at a time. In between, I schedule enough time to clean all contact points, door handle, scales. I work according to the guidelines of my professional association. That means that I do not shake hands, you have your hands washed upon arrival and we keep an appropriate distance from each other.r.

Do you want to lose weight, gain weight or improve your energy level in a healthy way We are happy to help you with this. We have developed a number of very effective programs.Check out what we can do for you and book an intake and start living a healthier and fun life today.

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