Wat ga jij voor jezelf doen na je vakantie?

What will you do for yourself after your vacation?

For most of us, vacation means getting away from it all. We de-stress and that gives us renewed energy and we can get back to it after the holiday.

Unfortunately, after the holidays we do not handle things properly, so we quickly fall back into the old habits from before the holidays.

Suppose you are someone who suffers from chronic obesity with an acute energy shortage. Chronic overweight is often associated with a wrong diet and a wrong diet leads to a bad energy level and a bad energy level usually does not lead to much desire to exercise.

During the holiday you relax, you exercise a bit more, you take more time to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will make you feel more energetic and your good intentions will automatically pop up. You decide to eat healthier at home, exercise more, drink less and go to bed earlier.

Once at home, it goes very well during the first week. But then your front door swings open so hard

that the hinges fly out. There is your old lifestyle, in the middle of the doorframe, with his hands on his hips and he roars: hey lady, nice that you had such a wonderful holiday, but you don't think your intentions are very vague!”  

He has no intention of leaving and scatters here and there old obstacles, pitfalls and beliefs so quickly and sneakily that you don't even realize it and before you know it you're back to square one.

Too bad, it wouldn't have been necessary if you just had a more specific goal with a clear plan.

How will you manage to become and stay slimmer and fitter?

  1. Come up with a very specific goal. Buy a nice diary just for this purpose and write in it what your goal is to lose 10 kilos, for example. Set this goal in your diary on a realistic date changes take time, namely Think about something else, for example plan to invite a few good friends on that day for what you are going to cook for and write down what clothes you are wearing that day, how you hair, what you are going to cook, how you are going to set the table, etc. Visualize as best you can what that day will look like and write it down. op.
  2. Make weekly plans and write them in your diary. If you want to lose 10 kilos, you have to move more. No time during the day Get up an hour earlier, but plan in advance and put it in your agenda. Do you sleep poorly? It may help you to walk quite a bit before going to bed, but also plan this in advance and put it in your agenda. If you are zapping on the couch every night. Select one series on Netflix and put in your agenda when you sit down for it, then you will see how much time you have left to move around.en.
  3. Makean appointment with me for a free intake interview : I'll make a personal eating plan for you that you just have to stick to until your end date. That is not difficult at all, because the eating plan is healthy and delicious without feeling hungry and the recipes in the eating plan are easy to prepare and suitable for the whole family. So no hassle with cooking separately. Moreover, you come back to me every week to measure and weigh, which also works very well for many people to maintain..
  4. Get started on time with the menu for your dinner and also make a plan for this in your agenda. Do you want a new dress and go to the hairdresser before that date? Put in your agenda when you are ready to shop and make an appointment at the hairdresser..

These steps give you a much better chance of success because your goal remains visible because you work towards it from multiple sides.

It is not bad at all if things go wrong, that is part of the game.

The trick is not to give up, but to look at what exactly happened from a distance and to think about how you would do it differently next time.

Do you want to lose weight, gain weight or improve your energy level in a healthy way We are happy to help you with this. We have developed a number of very effective programs.Check out what we can do for you and book an intake and start living a healthier and fun life today.

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