Wil jij weer fit worden en lekker in je vel zitten? Proud Today en Sportfondsenbad Oost slaan de handen nogmaals ineen!

Do you want to get fit again and feel good about yourself? Proud Today and Sportfondsenbad Oost are joining forces again!

Is it badly necessary that you do something about your energy level and obesity??
Do you immediately think that you should or should go for a run and this does not appeal to you at all?
Maybe swimming is for you.

Join the 12-week program together on your way to a healthy and vital life that was established by the Sportfondsenbad Oost and me.j.
Earlier this year, this program was already a great success and that is why we decided to join forces again and enthusiastically bring the program back to your attention and invite everyone to participate.

Especially if you are a bit more overweight, it is very nice to do exercises in the water because in the water you are lighter and the risk of injuries is virtually excluded. Go swimming laps on your own or join a group lesson, it's all possible in the Sportfondsenbad East.You can participate in Aquajogging,Aquavitaal and ClubAquaBootcamp.

During this 12-week program you will improve your diet under personal guidance from me and you will do an activity in the swimming pool twice a week.
By combining a nutritional program with regular exercise, you will lose weight faster and feel better about yourself.

Are you interested and would you like to receive more information about the program?
Then fill in the registration form.

The Sportfondsenbad Oost and I wish you a warm welcome!

Do you want to lose weight, gain weight or improve your energy level in a healthy way We are happy to help you with this. We have developed a number of very effective programs.Request your FREE intake immediately on this website and start living a healthier and fun life today.

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