At Proud Today, individual clients who want to lose or gain weight in a healthy way are guided by a personal oneweight loss and vitality coach. We can also help people who want to improve their energy level.

Each client is provided with a customized weekly menu based on the number of calories they need to reach their goal.

The weekly menu contains all the important nutrients that we as humans need.

During the program, people learn to make healthier choices for the rest of their lives. During the program, the client receives further training on healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.l.

They learn where their pitfalls lie and what they can do about them.

The Proud Todayweight loss and vitality coach helps them with that.

The coach assists the client throughout the program with personal tips & amp; tricks.

For us, a program is successful when the client:

  • At least 1 kilo per two weeks has lost.
  • Achieved his or her goal.
  • Can look back on a pleasant collaboration.
  • Has received enough knowledge transfer during the program to be more conscious about nutrition and not to revert to old behavior.

Especially in these times when people have to work longer, it is important that your employees are and remain vital.

Hard-working employees who are loyal are worth gold and of course you don't want to lose them.

An employer who shows that the health of his employees is important can count on more appreciation. In addition, these employees will in turn also feel more valued.

Proud Today wants to help companies increase the vitality and health within their organization.

Vitality starts with nutrition. That is why we have molded our programs into a cheaper subscription form especially for companies.

Several reasons for an employer to use Proud Today:

  • Less absenteeism among employees
  • More productive employees
  • More energetic employees, who are in good physical and mental condition
  • Happier employees

What does the Proud Today subscription cost per employee?

  • Depending on the number of participants from 16 per weekk
  • As a company, you choose to let the employee pay part or all of it himself. We are a member of the professional association of weight consultants BGN. As a result, the insurer reimburses part or even all from the additional package of the employee's