afvallen-met-een-Proud-Today-voedingscoach-in-Amsterdam-IJburg-of-onlineSupplements are never a must at Proud Today. We do have our ideas about it. People need food for fuel to perform all kinds of bodily functions, to maintain body temperature. But also to grow and to recover.

A body that gets enough nutrients can function optimally. We do not get sick easily, because the body can successfully defend itself against all kinds of disease processors. We also have energy all day long for work and effort, both physically and mentally. Once we get sick, the body will be able to recover quickly.

According to the nutrition center, we can all achieve this as long as we eat every day according to the wheel of five. The disc of five contains 250 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruit daily. There is also fatty fish twice a week.
Then we don't need supplements. Many people also claim that they do not need supplements because they already eat enough fruits and vegetables.

But be honest. Who can make it to eat 250 grams of vegetables every day And oily fish twice a week Almost nobody anyway We certainly not, and healthy eating is still our job. In addition, perhaps more importantly, due to depletion of the soil, our vegetables and fruit contain only 30 of the minerals, vitamins and trace elements.ten.

That's why at Proud Today we believe in supplement support.
Because vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential for our body system to function as well as possible.

What makes our high quality supplements:

  • Proud Today's supplements are quality driven, not price driven.
  • They only contain meaningful ingredients and they do what you expect them to.
  • Proud Today's supplements have the right compounds and are therefore easily absorbed by the body.
  • Proud Today supplements are made in smaller numbers. The producer first starts with the active form and then fills it up with a minimum of additives. That is why he sometimes spends half a day adjusting the machine and that is normally reflected in the price.
  • Proud Today supplements are of high quality
  • Although Proud Today's supplements are of high quality, we have chosen to keep prices low so that everyone can use a good quality product. For example, compare the labels with Solgar supplements, you will see that it contains the same ingredients and the quality is comparable 1-to-1. However, we choose to offer our supplements as an added value and thus make it accessible to everyone.
  • Proud Today supplements have been extensively tested for contaminants.
  • We are in possession of the food safety plan. This means that we as Proud Today take the responsibility to deliver a product that complies with Dutch legislation.

From November 25th you can also buy your Proud Today supplements here!


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