2x zo zwaar, 2x zo langzaam

2x as hard, 2x as slow

It is of course a lot more personal to put a picture of your head on a blog.

But not for me today. Maybe silly, but I'm not going to post a photo of a head exploded at 7:30 in the morning. You might get away with that in your 20s, but not when you're 47. I am so vain.

Today I want to talk about how your period can throw a huge spanner in the works when you are on a roll. You are done with not feeling good about yourself for a while.

You tackle your diet and you start exercising. You feel fit and energetic and your weight goes down.

But then you get your period. You no longer feel fit and energetic and the scale suddenly shows more weight again. Goddamn! All effort for free! But that is not true.

The topic for this blog occurred to me when I struggled along Bert Haanstrakade.

I thought a week ago hey I'm already here Well then I'll do another round.je’.

Now I felt like I had been doing zero point zero movement for six months.

I felt twice as heavy and I also went twice as slowly.

Being on your period means retaining water and running hormones.

You notice that of those hormones on your outside, I certainly notice your mood and on your inside your hormones suddenly do not feel like dealing with your metabolism. They also have their periods haha, don't feel like it.n.

I am telling this because of course my clients have to deal with this too.

They go very well for 3 weeks and then suddenly they feel bloated and it is more difficult for them to say no to everything they find in the cupboard that is still somewhat edible. The scales suddenly indicate a higher fat percentage, which does not fit in the line they set in the previous weeks.t.

That happens to her during a 12-week program, unfortunately only true, a few times.

Often I already see a completely different measurement on the scale than what I am used to with this client. I ask if they have their periods soon and the answer is almost always yes. The time the answer is no, they just went off the track for a while. That can also happen, but not too often of course!!)

I then tell them that around this time they have to go a bit with their own flow, just accept it.

Because the more you fight your inner craving for chocolate, the worse it gets. It is better to buy a modest chocolate bar in the supermarket, although you would prefer a Tony Chocolonely caramel sea salt and enjoy it at home than eat the old St. Martin candy from your children that is somewhere in the back of the cupboard..

And then be sad about it afterwards.

After a few days the worst storm has already subsided. Your hormones behave fairly normally again and you no longer retain moisture..

It's just part of the deal and I always see that the weight and fat percentage is lower again than before the menstruation started. Accept and continue!

By the way, women who are in the middle of menopause and lose weight more often have a hard time. But it is also really possible for them to lose weight.

That just needs a slightly different approach. In another blog I will go deeper into this topic.

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