Ik heb nou eenmaal geen groene vingers

I just don't have green fingers

Huh A blog about plants. Esther has changed her profession. Nowadays she is in the plant businesss?

No, but I like crazy metaphors.

Only recently I missed the point somewhere. There was a big box of Leonidas on the table and someone put one in her mouth that she didn't like afterwards.

She said she always had to take one more because otherwise the taste would remain in her mouth.

Then I said gosh that's just like with tangerines. Then you take one that is nice and juicy and then you want one more but that is such a dirty dry so you have to take another one.en.

But that was, of course, a comparison that was really about nothing.

But anyway, I was watering the plants again this week. I'm thinking about a month or two..

I looked at the brown discolored edges on the leaves and I poked my finger in the hard earth.

I heard myself think: well, I just don't have green fingers. Then I immediately thought: I hear this so often from my clients. I am just a yo-yo there is one that I often hear.hoor.

But is that really true Or can you also turn this around by changing a few habitsn?

Somewhere in the distant past they fooled themselves into this. They may have been a little taller and stockier than their girlfriends in elementary school. On a birthday, uncles and aunts might have said to their mother in their presence: gosh, she can eat a lot too. As a teenager, they regularly went blue Monday lines together with girlfriends. Two days of dieting and then back on the chips. I can never be thin then a thought slipped in. And because lines are still a favorite topic of conversation for women, they will never get rid of it. af.

Another line attempt is made every few weeks. Six kilos off, two kilos more, one kilo off, three kilos more. And every week on the scale. You get tired of that!!

Just like my plants: sometimes dried out and brown colored leaves and then again just shiny and green because I do water them regularly for a while.

But I always let it slip for a few weeks after that.

I just have to take a few steps to keep the plants green. Check the leaves and water every Monday. Very simple, but because it is not yet a habit I will have to do it very consciously in the coming weeks.

Have you been saying about yourself for years that you are now a yo-yo Is it your habit to get back on the phone every few weeks Has that ever helped you furtherolpen?

Write down some things that you have never done to maintain a normal weight but that you know would be much better. Not a long list, just three things. And do it very consciously in the coming weeks. Then I will water my plants every Monday for the next few weeks and remove the old leaves.

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