Wordt IJburg de zesde Blue Zone van de wereld?

Will IJburg be the sixth Blue Zone in the world?

If it is up to Jeroen and Natasja from restaurant I-Grec! 

Last Monday I was invited by Jeroen and Natasja to join their first Blue Zone dinner for this year.

I sat at a long table with 19 other people and we shared all kinds of delicious dishes.

I had come alone but spent the evening talking to the people around me. People I had never met before.

That is also the goal of Jeroen and Natasja. Enjoy delicious pure dishes together and enjoy the company.

The Blue Zones are five places in the world where people grow old healthier and happier well above the average age. As a 90-year-old you are a little boy there.

The five Blue Zones are:

  • Sardinia in Italy.
  • Okinawa in Japan.
  • Loma Linda in California.
  • Nicoya in Costa Rica.
  • Ikaria in Greece.

What characterizes the people of the Blue Zones?

  • They are on the move a lot;
  • They have a purpose: they have something to get up for in the morning;
  • They have little stress and provide sufficient relaxation;
  • They don't overeat, they stop when they are satisfied;
  • They mainly eat vegetable food that they grow on their own land;
  • They eat a lot of beans;
  • They drink wine in moderation;
  • They make lifelong friendships with like-minded people;
  • They put family and loved ones first. 

Jeroen and Natasja want to contribute more to the vitality of the IJburgers in 2020. To achieve this, they are going to make Blue Zone a permanent part of their restaurant. Their first action is organizing a Blue Zone dinner every month on a Monday.

You can book as a guest and there will be speakers who do something in the field of healthy and happy in their profession. Last Monday, Wassili Zafiris spoke about the pursuit of happiness. Wassili is a mental coach and told, among other things, how we pursue happiness without really knowing what we are looking for.

The most delicious, purest dishes were passed. Grilled fish, an extensive farmer's salad was a meal in itself! Grilled bell pepper with feta, olives, humus, a kind of zucchini balls that were sooo tasty! and much more.er.

As a vegan you can also book with confidence because they also made a delicious vegan moussaka.

For dessert we got real Greek yogurt with blueberries, goji berries and mulberries.

I almost rolled out the door.

I think it is a very good initiative that you can eat out really healthy at I-Grec in 2020.

I would say: in addition to the BlueZone dinners, a Blue zone menu on the fixed menu and a Blue Zone delivery menu.

My clients also want to order food from time to time. That is often a bit difficult. But if I-Grec Blue Zone adds dishes to the delivery menu, I will certainly advise my clients to order from I-Grec.

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