Intrinsiek of extrinsiek?

Intrinsic or Extrinsic?

Two different clients, two different approaches to weight loss.

Client A says firmly: I want to lose 5 kilos and I will not eat pastries for that when I am being treated at work. I don't really like it and I just don't want it anymore.r”.

Client B says after a disappointing result those pounds have to come off and I just have to be healthy.d”.

Client A has a goal and has figured out what to do to achieve it.

Chances of success Very high. We're still humans so I'll never say 100.n.

Client two chance of success is also very high because I called her the day after to talk to her and discuss this with her.

Where is the difference?

Client A reasons from her intrinsic motivation.

It comes from within herself.

She now wants to do something about her weight. The switch is on and she has thought of what she is going to do, or actually leave it.

She sees it as it were.

Client B reasons from her extrinsic motivation.

With an extrinsic motivation you do something because someone else has to or because something from the outside has stimulated you. This has a negative charge.

Now I know her well enough to know that no one told her to lose weight. Plus, she just looks good but wants to shed a few pounds.

About five kilos, coincidentally as much as client A.

No, she is irritated because the scale did not show a good result.

She was hated and went into the next week almost, almost in a very negative way.

She knew what caused it. She had had a 'shit week'. And had therefore not adhered to her eating plan.

I left it for a while and called her the next day. I explained to her that just being healthy sounds too vague and too negative.t.

I wouldn't get into the flow myself either.

Two weeks later she would make a nice trip to Africa. I told her to stick to her eating plan for the next week and, if things go wrong, remind herself that she will soon be on a very nice trip.

And that those two weeks are really over.

She came to see me the day before her vacation. Hoppa! 2 kilos of fat off!

If you have to go for something, think of small positive realistic steps and beware of the word must.”.

Nobody gets the meaning of the word.”.

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