Wat doe jij met kerst?

What are you doing for Christmas?

And I don't mean by that: do you visit or stay at home. But what do you really dot?

Do you dread it because you go to friends or family where Christmas is still about a lot of food and drink Are you going to overeat and drink yourself for two days to keep the peace??

Or do you listen to yourself and are careful with your body?

The holidays are just around the corner for my clients. Clients who have been busy for a few weeks, even months and have lost weight. One client goes like a spear, but for the other it is a struggle. And the clients who have to fight their obesity have an extra difficult time with the holidays.

Often because they live in an environment where fun and a lot of food and drink are inextricably linked. But also because these are clients who should not take that one chip or chocolate.

Because as soon as their brains realize that something has been eaten that is linked to certain emotions, the mind asks for more.

Or they think it doesn't matter anymore. Then the thought may arise that they should now better eat everything because it is no longer allowed after Christmas.

I tell my clients that in this case the head betrays the body.

The head belongs to the body. But as soon as there is food in the area that evokes certain emotions or memories, the head does not give a damn what the body does with it.

But the body has to process it all again.

Imagine what it is like to consume sugars, unhealthy fats and alcohol all day long. And it does not help your body to process everything by going for a nice brisk walk. Because you are visiting all day long.

Not so nice to your body, to you. Because that body is you.

Be very aware of that. Listen to your body more than your head.

If you really cannot escape the drinks, take a large glass of water after each glass of wine. And don't drink more than three glasses of alcohol. If no one is looking, empty your glass in the planter behind you haha, this is a joke, but if you think it's a golden tip, you should do it..)

Bring your own healthy and light snack that presents you beautifully. Cherry tomatoes with small bubbles of mozzarella and a basil leaf, for example, or pickles wrapped in lean meats.

Good olives or raw nuts from the market are also delicious. Olives and nuts contain healthy fats and are really better than chips or pretzels.

Great to make dessert when you go to dinner with family.

And just pay more attention to your own nutrition and exercise. Maybe the gym is open or go for a walk or bike ride in the morning.

Just have some low-fat cottage cheese with some fruit for breakfast and don't eat anything before going to bed.

A cozy Christmas breakfast with your family Eat calmly, chew well and enjoy the moment. Then you also eat a lot less than when you sit less consciously at the table..

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