Dorade op de bbq, wat een allure! En toch zo simpel te maken.

Sea bream on the bbq, what an allure! And yet so simple to make.

Many people think that fish is a complicated product to prepare. Or expensive.

I would like to dispel these misunderstandings.

That is why I will post a blog about fish more often, because fish is also super healthy.

Lean fish is of course good for you. But the fattier types of fish are also good for you because they contain healthy fatty acids.Healthy fatty acids ensure that the level of unhealthy fats in your body decreases.

Unhealthy fats can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

So go! No more convenience to take home a pack of burgers or sausages from the supermarket to throw on the BBQ.

Get out of your comfort zone and do your body and your taste buds a big favor.

The recipes I post about fish are super easy to make.

This time the Dorade is the star of the show. At the bottom of this blog you will find a recipe for Dorade on the bbq.

We love to BBQ at home and experiment with beautiful products..

Last weekend the weather was nice, so we immediately turn on the bbq.

I go to the fishmonger(Fish shop IJburg)….

“Which fish do you recommend to put on the BBQ tonight, I asked Margriet, the fishmonger's wife..

‘”Then you should take the Dorade, which is a tasty, firm and easy fish. Bram the fishmonger will clean it for you, that is fish farmers for scaling and removing the intestines. Should I make 3 notches in the fish, Bram called from the “keuken”.

Top! The less I have to do myself, the better.

If you buy a sea bream ask if your fishmonger scales it.

You can simply eat the skin and it will be deliciously crispy on the BBQ.

If you buy a Dorade, make sure that the skin has a nice metallic shine and that the eyes are clear. The fish should smell fresh and salty. But this actually applies to any fish you buy.

But my fishmonger scales the fish for me on its own and the fish always looks super fresh so that is really good.

Sea bream belongs to the semi-fat fish species. So when you eat a sea bream, you get a healthy portion of healthy fish fatty acids.

What is very tasty with it is Turkish rice. That has a slightly different bite than regular rice. It is available at the Turkish supermarket. Make Greek yogurt with a lot of diced cucumber. Then season the yogurt with freshly ground sea salt.

Tip! If you buy Greek yogurt make sure you buy 2 fat. 10 really isn't necessary, 2 is just as full and creamy..

The recipe

You need this:

  • parsley to taste
  • garlic to taste
  • lemon to taste
  • a splash of olive oil traditional
  • freshly ground black pepper and sea salt

And this is how you make it:

Finely chop the parsley and garlic and mix with the olive oil and season with freshly ground black pepper and sea salt.

Cut the lemon in half lengthwise and then cut both halves into slices and put this through the parsley mixture.

Tuck lemon slices into the belly, gills and notches to taste. Then top this up with the rest of the parsley garlic mixture.

It is easy if you have fishing tongs. The fish can also be placed directly on the grid, but then you have the chance that it will fall apart when turned over.

Roast the fish until it turns a nice golden brown and the crust is crispy. There is not really a standard time when the Dorade is good, but we had the fish fried 4-5 minutes per side on a bbq that we had heated to 250 degrees.

The Dorade falls easily from the firm bone and has a full, slightly greasy taste.k.

It is best to pick the fish apart with your hands.

The fish in the picture weighs almost 400 grams and costs 7.50. This was enough for 2 for us. Because we ate Turkish rice with Greek yoghurt with it, one fish was enough for two people for us..

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