Eerste hulp bij alcohol behoefte

First aid for alcohol needs

 One of the reasons people gain weight is alcohol.

Alcohol causes a tummy. Alcohol contains sugar. Sugar that is not burned is stored in your fat mass and preferably around your waist.

Especially women around fifty notice this. Your metabolism goes down around the age of fifty. This means that your body needs fewer nutrients, so fewer calories per day.

When the weather is nice, many people have a drink from Friday to Sunday. And that usually goes together with cheese, baguettes and chips.

I'm not going to say just don't drink. Without a chance, I know myself. I also live in a very pleasant street where everyone comes out with bottles of wine and snacks when the weather is nice. And that is also nice and super cozy. You have to be very firm in your shoes when you sit inside with the doors closed. And you just shouldn't do that. You have to find a balance that works for you, where you can join in but also keep the peace of mind in your head. Because that also drives you crazy: every time on Monday morning, you are disappointed that you ate too much to drink and did not exercise enough for 3 days.

What can you do?

Tip 1.fill your wine glass 1/3 with wine and 2/3 with Spa red. Ice cube there, maybe a slice of lemon.

If you have a tough brain that makes you think about a glass of wine without water all the time while you're bravely trying to stick to your glass of wine, start the other way around.

Fill your glass 2/3 with wine and 1/3 with water.

It's very weird but then your brain thinks: oh I have a full glass of wine with a little water And that is much easier for your brain to digest, because your brain doesn't like changes..

I have written a blog about this twice before:

You can then slowly build it up to 1/2 wine ½ water and then to 2/3 water and 1/3 wine. It would be great if you eventually managed to reach a maximum of 2 glasses of wine with a glass of water in between.

But give yourself time.

Tip 2. Make sure you get your friends. Many people see food and drink as comfort or reward. But many women also want a fit and slim body. Your friends are also fed up with an emerging edge around their waist.

Talk about it. On a Sunday morning, take a long walk of 10,000 steps together.

Then you have had your relaxation and you also come out a lot fitter the weekend.

Tip 3. Pay a little more attention to what you put on the table with drinks.

Often these plastic trays are bought with snacks at AH. They look very nice, but they are often high in fat and sugar.

Make a large bowl with cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and bell pepper. Make a dip of low-fat quark or Greek yogurt with max 2 fat and fresh herbs to taste.ak.

Place containers with raw nuts not low in calories, but better than chips, olives, popcorn, grapes and strawberries on the table.l.

Of course you can also use cheese and chips, but make the ratio 2/3 to 1/3.

Tip 4 make a plan for the next week so that you can go into your weekend with a calm head the following weekend. With a tidy mind, you are more likely to stick to your good intentions. Stress and fatigue are THE ingredients for bad choices.

If you also plan your weekend, you are on the right track.

Remember that you are not doing this to forbid yourself from doing things, but to take care of yourself.

Make sure you can look back on a fun and pleasant weekend, but also make sure that you have the energy on Monday to make it a good week.

For the men. It is better to drink 2 glasses of beer with a glass of water in between than a few non-alcoholic beers. The advantage of non-alcoholic beer is that the alcohol does not go to your head, the disadvantage is that they contain much more sugar than regular beer.

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