Nog even over koolhydraten…

Let's talk about carbohydrates…

I faithfully write a blog every week. In this I look for a balance between behavior regarding food, tasty recipes and just plain tough facts.

This week it is time for another hard and tough fact..

We are going to talk about carbohydrates again.

Phew, those poor carbs. Well wait, I mean those poor GOOD carbs. Those who always suffer have to bear the image of their bad brothers.

It remains a tricky thing for many people. Low-carb is good when it means cutting out sugary foods from most of your menu.t.

We need the right carbohydrates. One, for the glucose and two, for the fiber.

Our muscles and our brains cannot do without carbohydrates.

They are the largest consumers of glucose. Glucose is what is left after our body cuts the carbohydrates we eat into pieces and releases them into our blood.

In order to be able to exercise optimally, our glycogen stock must be and remain replenished.

Our glycogen supply consists solely of glucose. If your supply is exhausted for your next training / workout or whatever, you will perform less well. With a bit of bad luck, you will feel extremely lousy after your workout.

But what about all those people who have to perform at work all day. Those who have to think, think, think. They have to feed their brains with glucose. If they don't, they feel weirdly exhausted and often don't know why. It is an indeterminate feeling..

So carbohydrates certainly belong in a varied diet. But only the good ones, so the carbohydrates from wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, vegetables and all kinds of other cereals such as bulgur.

The body has to work hard to release the glucose from these products.

Where bad carbohydrates like those in cookies, candy, white rice, white bread, white crackers, alcohol and you name it consist of glucose, good carbohydrates consist of minerals, vitamins and fiber in addition to glucose.s.

And our bodies have to unpack them all and steer them in the right direction, so that they can carry out their tasks where they are needed.

Oh yes, fiber. Do you know how important they are to our health 

When you say lose weight, you say fiber. Fiber provides a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction, so that we have less appetite. In addition, they help to remove the bad fats from our body and thus lower the fat content in our body.

In the photo at the top you can see a great example of good carbohydrates. Every weekend Basile bakes his own sourdough bread. That is so nice! I like to eat a big slice on Sundays with Nutella or during the week with humus, cottage cheese or a vegetable spread and spicy sprouts.

Those sprouts are great! They provide extra fiber and minerals and have a delicious bite.’.


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