Een goede planning is het halve werk

Good planning is half the battle

I have a large group of clients who fall under the heading of all or nothing.n.

This all or nothing lifestyle has led to these people becoming overweight. I don't mean that an all or nothing lifestyle automatically leads to

But these people wanted to lose some weight a while ago. They make a plan. But that plan is too tightly planned. The result is that they never start, but continue to follow the habits that lead to more and more obesity.

These clients are often very perfectionist. They set the bar very high.

Make a schedule that is impossible to pin down. And then they do nothing with the planning. Why not Because a plan that looks perfect on paper is often unfortunately not feasible in real life.

I really enjoy working with schedules with my clients.

You have to make a plan to achieve the desired results. When someone starts a 12 or 24 week program, we cut the plan into weekly plans. Otherwise it will become a vague story in no time.l.

And vagueness does not lead to results.

The all or nothing clients make a schedule and mail it to me properly. We then agree that they will text an update every evening to see if it has been successful that day..

Because experience has long taught me that these clients are not going to start with this perfectly written schedule.

After three days of not having heard from them, I call them. I get to hear what I already knew, of course, they have not yet got to the planning.

Then I ask if it would be an idea to go through the planning together to see how realistic it is and whether we can incorporate some space for relaxation this time.

Then they are happy. We're pulling the plan apart a bit. Give it some air by scrapping out the superfluous plans.

Then we continue towards the goal ... sAmen..

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