Een van onze programma's volgen en het vergoed krijgen door jouw verzekeraar, ook voor bedrijven.

Follow one of our programs and get it reimbursed by your insurer, also for companies.

Many people are not aware at all that the Proud Today programs are fully or partially reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. Still a shame to pass up that money. Do you want to do something about your weight and your energy level next year?n?

If you buy a package now and start permanently, it will continue in 2020. If you want to know what your reimbursement is for 2019, you can call us. I can then immediately check for you whether you will be reimbursed for anything for 2020.

A call to us is faster than to your insurance. We can then also see whether it is best to take a 'face to face' program or a cheaper online program.

In addition, you can always make an appointment for the free and non-binding intake interview. This way we can get acquainted and you can see if the Proud Today program is really something for you.s.

To make an appointment for the intakefill in the contact form on the website and I will contact you.

Companies can also receive compensation

Many companies have collective insurance. Proud Today programs are partially or fully reimbursed from this insurance. Many companies already have a vitality program for their employees..

Boot camps or workshops on healthy nutrition, a few hours' allowance for a dietician, all nice.

But it is all much of the same and I am sure there are many employees who are not at all waiting for a boot camp with other colleagues or for whom a healthy nutrition workshop is not enough to change his or her lifestyle. And a few hours of dietitian is often not enough..

 Every person is different and everyone has their own pitfalls to discover and overcome. That's why Proud Today's 12-week program works so well.

We will work with the employee for 12 weeks. The employee receives an eating plan that is fully in line with his or her personal life. In addition, there is a lot of personal contact to regularly discuss with the employee how things are going and where the pitfalls lie.

We discuss what the employee always encounters and look for a solution together.

Do you want all employees in your company to be more vital in 2020??

Send a message or call us and I will contact you for an informal conversation.


The fees for 2020 of my programs are known!!

These are the health insurers that reimburse the best.




Supplementary package



PNO (daughter of ONVZ)

VVAA(daughter of ONVZ)

Free choice top fit


Free choice excellent

500 per year



Extra extensive, OHRA complete, extensively vital

200 per year

The Friesland

Av Frieso complete

250 per year


Super top, Excellent

250 per year

National Netherlands



Complete, Comfort


200 per year

Care and security

Av total of 100%

Av cum laude 100%

175 per year





Do you have the plan to work on your weight and / or your energy level next year??

Then it might be smart to switch now.

  • You can change your health insurance until December 31, 2019.
  • Your old health insurance must be canceled before January 2020.
  • You then have until February 1 to take out a different insurance policy or to change your additional insurance.

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