Hoeveel zou je dagelijks moeten bewegen om gezond te worden en te blijven?

How much exercise should you take every day to get and stay healthy?

I believe that if you want to lose weight, it is initially important that you adjust your diet.

In addition, it is just as important that you start moving.

Food is number one for me. The right combination of the most important nutrients provides more energy. If you move more, your body will ask for more energy from food. If you then have a bad diet, you will not feed your body with the right nutrients or you will not get enough good calories. You then achieve the opposite effect.

With a bit of bad luck, your body will constantly get too little energy from the food you eat and your own muscles will start to eat up.’.

For the majority of people who want to lose weight, there is still just less energy going in than out.

I can make a nice tailor-made dining plan for the dining area. In this I calculate the number of calories that you can consume per day. I make sure that there are no deficiencies in the eating plan. You get plenty of slow carbohydrates and fiber, healthy fats and proteins per day.

But what is the standard for exercise? According to the exercise guidelines of the health council, an adult must do at least 150 minutes of moderately intensive exercise spread over several days a week.

This equates to 30 minutes of exercise five days a week.

Moderately intensive refers to walking, cycling, trampolining or horse riding. 

Many people today adhere to the 10,000 steps standard.

You can keep that up nicely on such a cool bracelet like the fitbit in the photo..

In an article in the Volkskrant in January this year, the question was asked whether 10,000 steps a day is really necessary or whether we can do with less.

In the article, Thea Kooiman, a movement scientist at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, explains that people who sit all day take less than 5000 steps a day.

This group has a higher risk of diseases such as diabetes 2 and cardiovascular disease. So this is really too little. You have to sit above that anyway. If you make at least 3000 extra steps per day, you will be moving about 30 minutes extra per day. If you do that five times a week, it will be in line with the advice of the health council 5x 3015050)

So 8,000 steps a day should be enough.

It makes no sense to sit on your office chair all day and go for a run for half an hour in the evening.

Also at work you regularly have to get away from your desk and stretch your legs.

Sitting at your desk for hours reduces your metabolism.

Metabolism is the process of converting food into energy for the cells.

The cells use this energy for all kinds of bodily processes.

Food that is not converted as energy is stored as a fat reserve. The funny thing is that this fat prefers to settle around our abdominal area. This is bad for health, because this region contains a large part of our vital organs. Fat that has settled around our waist is very difficult to get off.

So, if you have a sedentary job and you notice that you are slowly gaining weight?

You don't know how to turn the tide?

Let me make a responsible eating plan for you and start exercising lightly for 30 minutes a day. Walk away from your desk regularly. A very good habit is to regularly walk away from your desk to fill a glass of water. Make it a habit to take a walk outside during lunch. Are you going to work by public transport? Make it a habit to get off a few stops earlier.

Do you always go to work by car? Is that really necessary Or could you easily cycle?en?

It is winter time now. Most of us move less than when the days are longer light again. Take a critical look at yourself. What can you do for yourself to get and stay fitter?

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