Pas op voor de kraak!

Watch out for the squat!

The wonderful December month is coming again. With the delicious smells of freshly baked speculaas, the supermarket tries to tempt us to buy all kinds of delicacies.

Fine of course. It is also a very pleasant time for a lot of people and we should not mess around too much. We should especially enjoy that. I think so, but I also fall into the December month-old category, which preferably listens to Sky Radio 24 hours a day in December for the occasion, renamed the Christmas Channel.t.

But there is some danger in this month for those who struggle to keep some measure and see food as a form of avoiding anxiety or overcoming fatigue.

Nice example: myself, last Saturday afternoon at about five o'clock.

It was a fun, but busy day.

First my daughter had to play football in Almere at 8:30 am.

Then we spent half the afternoon hanging around in the harbor of IJburg for the arrival of Sinterklaas. Then at the end of the afternoon hurry up shopping.

The combination of being tired, skipping lunch and having a Gluhwein in the harbor made me put a bag of paprika chips in my cart.

That does not matter in itself, it is Saturday and then I really enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day with a bowl of chips.

But I had not yet got into the car when I had already opened the bag and in no time it was half empty. I will automatically analyze this like a professional. Why is it that within 10 minutes I have not had half a bag of paprika chips from supermarket home within 10 minutes It is not that good. Yes, tasty enough to eat a small bowl with the wine, but not to unconsciously eat one hand after the other. I know! It's that kraakje!e!

That goddamn crack makes me think again and again: one more. I was tired and hungry and then I am just a defenseless victim for crunchy products that bite away like paprika chips and gingerbread cookies. So be careful!p!

There is always a well-stocked jar of gingerbread cookies in an office and it attracts like a magnet

Are you fed up and curse that colleague who put that pot down

Then just don't get started. Because if you are already tired it is very difficult to resist that kraakje.

You could take a bowl of unsalted nuts to work as standard. Or make a simple soup at the weekend that you take with you to work every day.

Go to bed a few evenings nice and early with a nice Netflix movie and take a little more distance from the things that are happening around you and that make you restless. I'm not saying you should rip your hands off everything. But it is precisely by creating some distance for yourself that you often come up with very nice solutions instead of the situation taking hold of you.n.

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Helen van der Voort on

haha zo herkenbaar! Ik ben een echte zoetekauw en vind deze tijd van speculaas, pepernoten marsepein en roomfondant ontzettend moeilijk. Neem me dan ook voor als ik iets wil snoepen dan haal ik ook echte lekkere snoeperij bij de bakker vandaan en dan hoef je niet zo’n grote hoeveelheid te halen zoals de verpakkingen bij supermarkt en dan neem je ook echt de tijd om bewust er van te genieten. En volgende dag weer in het gareel. Het proberen waard!

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