Wat is nou het verschil tussen onverzadigde en verzadigde vetten?

What is the difference between unsaturated and saturated fats?

Products containing fat always contain a combination of unsaturated and saturated fats.

Unsaturated fats are also called the good fats and saturated fats are bad.This is because the saturated fats increase the cholesterol level in your blood and the unsaturated fats lower the cholesterol level.

The fat from food enters your blood as fat globules through your intestines.These fat globules must bind to a protein in order to be transported through the blood. Fats themselves are not soluble in moisture.Such a combination of a fat globule with a protein is called a lipoprotein. A lipoprotein that consists of a protein and an unsaturated fatty acid is called a high density lipid HDL.. We call a lipoprotein that consists of a saturated fatty acid and a protein a low density lipid LDL..

How does that work?

LDL carries cholesterol from the liver so that cholesterol can perform all kinds of tasks such as building body cells and producing hormones.

Cholesterol itself is not bad for you.However, high cholesterol is detrimental to your health.When too much cholesterol gets into your blood, it can stick to the lining of your veins. This slowly but surely creates plaque and the veins can eventually clog up.This usually happens in places where the blood vessel has been damaged by smoking stress or old age.The result is that the blood can flow less and less well through the veins.There is also a chance that some of the built-up plaque will peel off and cause blockage in a narrow part of the blood vessel. This can lead to a heart attack.

HDL removes excess cholesterol through the blood to the liver.The cholesterol is broken down again in the liver.The breakdown products then leave the body via bile, which has the task of breaking down fat and the stool.g.

How can you introduce more unsaturated fats into your daily menu? 

Avocados, fatty fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil are rich sources of unsaturated fats..

Saturated fat is found in animal products such as fatty meats, fatty meats, whole milk and full-fat cheese. But also in biscuits, cakes and chocolate.

Have a sandwich with slices of avocado or nut butter for lunch. Take a bowl of low-fat cottage cheese with a handful of seeds or a handful of raw nuts as a snack. Fry in olive oil and prepare your salad with extra virgin olive oil

Keep in mind that unsaturated fats still have a high calorific value.A few handfuls of nuts every day in combination with little exercise can also lead to obesity in the long run.

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