Monday November 11 6:30 am!

Recently a client asked me how it is possible that with the efforts of the autumn period she is no longer strong enough to say no to cookies and licorice around four o'clock.

This client is a primary school teacher with a tough but fun, sweet class.

“Bring an extra large apple and eat it at 4 pm, I advised her..

“I already do that, but then I still take that cookie or that hand of licorice, she answered..

“I hate it, because it went so well.

I advised her to meet herself at least for the next week just not to have a biscuit or a handful of licorice at 4 pm. That may sound nice and easy, but it is the only way to get rid of it. She has succeeded before

What she experiences is not strange to me at all.

When the autumn period begins, most of us leave home in the dark and come home in the dark. In bad weather we take the car or public transport instead of the bicycle. As a result, we miss natural daylight every day, but also sunlight and fresh outdoor air that gives us energy.

Around 4 pm there is already a sun-down time. A low energy level also ensures that we do not necessarily look very positively at daily things. If you already have a weakness for sweetness, it is extra difficult to say no..

My advice is to keep this up for as long as possible if you go to work by bike in good weather. Fresh air, also cold also provides energy and we can dress against rain.

But what does that have to do with the title of this blog?

Well, I also notice that I have less energy now that it is darker around me. I notice that I am also more inclined to buy something tasty in the supermarket.

So what do I do I run six times a week from home to our IJburg city beach and back again. That's exactly 30 minutes. That is not world distance, but just enough for me to wake up and be ready for the day. Because of the fresh air and the nice music that comes from my airpods, I come home full of energy. If I would lie down and set my alarm to repeat four times, my morning would start very differently.

I always have a hard time on Monday mornings, but I will go. On Tuesday it is a lot easier and on Wednesday I will be out before my alarm goes off. On Sunday I have a day of rest. Now what I do may be a bit extreme, but it works well for me. That is how I stay fit and slim in the winter months, when we can hide ourselves nicely under our winter coats. It also works for me because I need it to clear my mind before the day starts. I would never walk in the evening, because that does not suit me.

The picture is dark and of course it is at 6:30 am. But in any case, I am neither scared nor naive - and I meet a lot of fellow runners, including women alone.en. 

Do you just want to be fit and slim when the weather will soon be nice? Take a look at what you can do differently and extra in the autumn / winter period to achieve this and make a realistic weekly plan. It doesn't have to be extreme adjustments, because you can't keep that up anyway. Stay close to yourself, it works..

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