Iets veranderen in je leven? Misleid je brein.

Change something in your life? Mislead your brain.

Applying new rituals in your life requires discipline. Our brain will do everything it can to make you stick to your old rituals. Even if those rituals aren't good for you at all. Suppose you have been eating a packet of biscuits every evening for a few weeks when the children are in bed. At a certain point you are so fed up with deciding that tonight was the very last time you ate a whole packet of cake.  

You make such a decision when you are in your moment. You are in your moment when every cell in your body says something needs to change now. Usually that is the moment when you are sick and sick of that whole package of cake you just ate, or when you really have to admit that your favorite jeans have not been comfortable for a long time..

The decision has been made, you can keep it up for a few days, maybe a few weeks. Eventually you will revert to your old behavior.

It's not surprising that that happens. You do not have complete control over it. If that was the case, then no one was overweight, no parent flew onetimes out of control against his kids and we never drank too much at a party.

In following our decision, we are considerably hindered by our brain.

Your brain has a secret weapon, your limiting beliefs about yourself. There was once a situation in your life that, perhaps consciously, perhaps unconsciously, made such an impression on you that you judged yourself.

You've probably forgotten it a long time ago, but your brain thought: I'll keep it to myself for a while, that could come in handy. The moment you decide to exercise every day, for example. Then your brain thinks: shit, I really don't feel like doing this, we never do that. She can also just feel better by taking a biscuit.en”.

You are going to search online for a gym, your brain whispers in your ear: there are probably all those trained types walking around, that is not for you..

Or you order an outfit for the gym. If you try it on in front of the mirror at home, your brain will laugh at you: jesus, your butt really looks a lot bigger in those pants, that's really no pan..

Embarrassed, you throw everything back in the box and put on your home suit again. Your brain secures its position for a while by telling you to have a nice biscuit now that you feel so bad. And you take a cookie or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..

Road plan, road result. Brain no longer has to worry. Everything remains the same.

To win from your brain, you have to trick your brain. Your brain must think that everything is the same while you are secretly making all kinds of changes,

Be very consistent about that. How you do that I will tell you in my next blog..

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