Kickstart for Monday morning… or any other morning of the week ;-)

Aiaiaiai Monday morning..

Autumn, a good weekend behind us. Blegh, a third weekend day would have been great today.

Cold cottage cheese with linseed Phew, not for a moment. A sandwich with Nutella Yeah !!!!

Uhm no Esther.

Because I love tasty things so much, I save things like bread with Nutella or wines for the weekend. During the week I eat frugally and generally do not drink alcohol. Exceptions. I'm not with the nutritional police.e.

I taught myself this rule of life about a year ago.

If you are towards your 50ste life year, your metabolism slows down. If you have never really paid attention to your diet and you do not exercise that much, you will slowly, but surely, gain some pounds and develop such an annoying roll around your waist..

That will have to go away at a certain point and then you will really have to tackle your diet and exercise a few times a week. You better be ahead of that.

Well, I am nowhere near 50. I have yet to turn 47 in November. But sometimes I sit at my computer all day long and don't have the time or desire to go to the gym or go for a run. When I'm working all day at my computer and it's time for lunch, I sometimes prefer a sandwich made of casino white with a dollop of ketchup..

If I can keep this up for a year, I can count on my weight gaining weight. I don't feel like it and it is not possible with my work.

So to avoid that I have set this rule for myself. During the week I eat frugally and I exercise. During the weekend I take some extras and I don't exercise. It is also not the case that I completely stuff myself with junk food at the weekend, because then of course you completely miss the mark and I also fool myself..

To satisfy the need for sweets this morning, I spread 2 spelled crackers with seeds with 100 peanut butter from AH and put a banana in slices on top. This breakfast contains enough healthy nutrients and is also nice and sweet..

The banana provides energy through the carbohydrates but also contains fiber. And you also get energy and fiber from the game crackers. Fiber is indispensable for healthy intestines. The peanut butter contains proteins and healthy fats. These ensure that you are saturated for a long time.

Well, this Monday morning dip of mine is something harmless. But for people who are in a serious downturn, it is extra important that they commit themselves to a healthy diet. Your head will certainly not need it, but your body all the more. This gives you energy again to be able to cope with it instead of sinking deeper into your dip. This reward is only in the future. That requires perseverance and discipline. That is why people in such a situation prefer to reach for sugary products. Because these products immediately give a good feeling of comfort. However understandable, in the end these products do not help you at all. They are only fooling you.ek.

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