Reduce your fat percentage and become years younger!

I recently read this article in the Volkskrant:

I was particularly interested in the piece about an Iranian team that recently reported that taking a combined pill containing aspirin, cholesterol lowering and two blood pressure lowering drugs preventively halves the risk of heart attacks and strokes in fifteen years' time.

We all want to be A few years younger But do we have to take the medicines en masse? I don't think

If you have already reached the point where you run the risk of high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, you better tackle your diet first.

Look, if you just get old and eat healthy, exercise regularly and enjoy life, I am a big believer in accepting that we are getting older.

Believe me, before I say not earlier on purpose, sounds so old I really had trouble getting older. The day after my 30th birthday party, I spent all day lying on the bed with the curtains drawn. Or was it just because I had a hangoverad?

Well anyway, of course I also think that life passes too quickly these days.

But I also see around me that a lot of other nice people are also getting older a day with me. Nice people who still look good, wear nice clothes and have a nice social life. So I have long since abandoned the idea that life stops once you hit your thirties.

But suppose you are not feeling well at the moment. That you are a little overweight, maybe a little more than a little bit or that you never feel fit. Then you really don't have to take the medicines. There is a good chance that you will go a long way with adjustments to your current diet and a little persistence.t.

It will certainly bring you weight reduction. In addition, you will reduce the risk of all kinds of annoying overweight-related diseases that can also cause death.n.

But now comes the icing on the cake. Your metabolic age will also go down. Your body is getting younger!

See in the accompanying photo the difference in the metabolic age of one of my clients after a few months.

This client came to me after his doctor advised him to do something about his obesity. His sugar and cholesterol levels were too high so he ran some health risk.

On April 26, 2019, his metabolic age was 68 years and on July 26, 2019, he was suddenly only 57 years old! Because his fat percentage is down, his body is fitter. His body now suits a 57-year-old more than a 68-year-old. He's halfway through his trajectory. At the end of his trajectory, his metabolic age will be less than the age stated in his passport which is 57 years.).

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