Because you're Worth It!

We all know this mythical slogan from LOréal Paris..

The French cosmetics house coined this slogan in 1971 during the second feminist wave.

They wanted to convey the message to women that beauty is not only about appearance, but also in what they allow themselves.

When I run I always get the best ideas for a blog.

I have three reasons for running:

  1. I like to keep my fitness level.
  2. I can clear my mind with it.
  3. If I keep going, all kinds of good ideas come up.

During a weekly round I decided to use this slogan to introduce the following topic:

Many of my clients struggle with the following external factors during their trajectory:

  • It is a colleague's birthday eighty times a week and they are treated to cake or sausage rolls.
  • Crooked faces from the girlfriends club when my client announces she'd rather not drink wine for a while.
  • People who suck so much energy from my client during the day, so that he / she hangs out on the couch at night. The result is that the energy is taken from the cookie jar instead of from the treadmill..

I always insist that in addition to changing your diet, exercise is very important to lose weight or improve your energy level. Yet very often during the biweekly-weekly consultation I get to hear that the exercise was not successful because it was so busy at work or all kinds of family matters were involved.

Yet after a while I see with many clients that they themselves realize that they are constantly running into these pitfalls. And that they themselves are responsible not to walk into it blind anymore, but to walk around it with a wide arc. They are so fed up that they really decide to do it completely differently. And then the switch really turns. That really takes time. That is the time it takes people to turn unconscious unconscious action into unconscious conscious action. I also really feel when a client has reached that point. Suddenly they realize that they owe it to themselves not to eat all the pie and sausage rolls they are served out of courtesy. That they are not obliged to help empty those wine bottles with their friends who do not like the temporary change. That they should be true to themselves. That they should be true to the agreement they made with themselves not to drink for a while. They suddenly realize that energy vacuum cleaners may not be the best people to deal with. They see that making a weekly schedule helps to free up time for themselves to do something for themselves two or three times a week.oen.

They owe this to themselves because they have paid for their trajectory. They also owe it to themselves because they are the ones who have to weigh my scales every two weeks and deserve to get a good result.

In short, because they are worth it..

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