Raw broccoli apple salad with nuts.

I love raw broccoli salad with pomegranate.
When I wanted to make this last Saturday, the Turkish greengrocer unfortunately had no pomegranates.
Now I had to switch quickly because I no longer had time to come up with a completely different salad. We had friends to eat and of course I went back to the shops at the last minute.
“What is the closest thing to the nice, fresh taste of pomegranates, I thought. Ah, a sweet and sour apple !.l!”.
I found a nice big copy and I went home satisfied.
When I got home, I actually followed the pomegranate broccoli salad recipe with two minor adjustments. So I replaced the pomegranate with the regular apple. In addition, the pomegranate version contains sunflower seeds. I replaced these for the apple version with 60 grams of raw nuts.
It was a big success!

For a good salad you need:

• 1 large head of broccoli
• shallots to taste
• a large sweet and sour apple
• 60 grams of raw nuts

For the dressing you will need:
• 2/3 part low-fat yogurt
• 1/3 part sour mayonnaise I like the Zaanse very muchr)
• white wine vinegar to taste
• plenty of freshly ground black pepper
• possibly a little sea salt to taste

This is how you make the salad:
Cut the broccoli florets and stems small. Rinse it under the cold tap.
Finely chop the shallots.
Cut the apple into cubes. Put everything together in a bowl. Make a dressing with the yogurt, mayonnaise and white wine vinegar.
Season the dressing with plenty of freshly ground black pepper and a little sea salt. Mix the dressing with the broccoli.
Finally, add the nuts to the salad.


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