Ayran… surprisingly refreshing!

The end of the summer holidays is approaching.
Soon we will go back to school and to work. Maybe you are already back at work.
I hope for all of you that another wonderful late summer is coming.
That is why I want to share a very nice summer drink with you.
It's called Ayran.

Ayran is a Turkish yogurt drink based on yogurt, water and salt.
The addition of salt makes it wonderfully thirst-quenching.
It contains no sugar, so it is a very responsible drink.

For 1 liter of Ayran you need:
• 1 liter of low-fat yogurt
• about ¾ liter of water depends on how thick you want the Ayrant)
• 1 tsp salt here too you have to taste what you like yourselfd)
• possibly some ice cubes

This is how you make it:
• Loosen the yogurt with a mixer.
• Add salt and mix well again.
• Add the water in parts and mix well in between.
• Mix until you have a nice foamy Ayran.
• Pour it into a high pitcher and add some ice cubes if necessary.


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