Blue Monday, finally!

Blue Monday, finally!

Huh why Blue Monday is just an off dayg?

That is national Depression Day after all The day we should feel miserable because the days are still dark, we have to go back to work, the good intentions have not worked out and the holidays are still very far aways?

Only it turns out that that vacation is not so bad when I hear all around me.

But for me it is the day when I can finally tell why I have been posting annoying messages almost every day on my private Facebook page about my gym visits and running laps for 2 weeks.

I already heard the reactions buzzing in my head: nice and fascinating. Yeah duh, we don't all have the time to hit the gym every morning. I thought she was quite nice, but she's totally out of control.door.”

Sometimes it really took a while to click on posts with my eyes closed. My girlfriend started to advise me that I really shouldn't do that and my husband thought the messages were stupid.m.

But of course it was all part of the bigger plan. One of the most important parts of my job is to motivate, motivate, motivate my clients. Almost all of them say at the intake that they are mainly looking for a big stick. Someone who makes them want to persevere and who gives them the confidence that they will be fine if they don't like it for a while, for whatever reason.

For a long time, I really wanted those beautiful thin muscular arms.

To get that I will really have to go to the gym a few times a week to enlarge / strengthen my arm muscles. In addition, I will also have to burn fat.

That is why I will also have to do some form of cardio. I prefer to run around IJburg because that usually clears my head right away.d.

Most importantly, I'll have to adjust my daily life accordingly, with nutrition and a plan.

My diet is fine. I eat healthy with the occasional outlier in the wrong direction, but I know that about myself and I don't mind.

Last Friday evening I was alone with the kids and after the fries meal I cycled to AH to supposedly go for their Ben & amp; Jerrys with a can of whipped cream. The truth was that I am in the middle of my period and had a huge appetite for ice cream with whipped cream myself. I suggested it too, it didn't even come from them..

What I, like my clients, will also face are those nasty sneaky hurdles. Those obstacles are always lurking. They ensure that you are back in your old pattern before you realize it. I mention an unplanned drinks evening, which means that I won't run that planned round of Ijburg the next morning. Or a busy week with a few parent evenings that confuses your entire schedule. I'll just mention anything.

To achieve your goal you will have to keep focusing and constantly monitor your schedule and update it on time if necessary.

That's why I will continue to post my posts to my private Facebook page throughout the year. That's my big stick. In addition, I will regularly write a blog about the progress of the process to achieve my goal and all the obstacles I encounter and how I will deal with them. In this way, I hope to help those of you who like it also to maintain your focus and achieve your personal goal.

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