What is brown fat?

Last Sunday I participated in the Wim Hof Method workshop together with Basile. In addition to us, there were eight other participants.

An important part of the WHM is that by applying a certain breathing technique you can take in much more oxygen than when you breathe in the normal way.

Oxygen affects the amount of energy that can be released from our body cells. More oxygen therefore means more energy for the body to perform all necessary bodily functions.

Breathing is something we do unconsciously, the body regulates it independently.

Nevertheless, Wim Hof has developed a breathing technique with which he can influence the condition of his body and keep his body under control under extreme conditions.

During the workshop, we spent most of the time practicing correct breathing. We ended the day by all sitting in an ice bath for a minute. Using the breathing technique, all ten participants were able to sit in the ice water for one minute. The intention is of course that you continue this at home. In the case of Basile and me, this means that, after getting up, we do the breathing exercises first and then take a cold shower after taking a shower. We have been doing that cold showering for about 2 years. From now on we will add the breathing exercises to it..

Yesterday I heard about brown fat for the first time during the workshop. This mainly concerned the influence of cold on brown fat. I had never heard of it. But the instructor told me that research has been going on for a number of years on the influence of brown fat on obesity. However, nothing has been scientifically proven yet. Still, I found it interesting and started a small investigation.

What I read on the more serious sites, including, is that brown fat is the healthy fat in our body. It converts energy from food into heat. White fat is the unhealthy fat in our body. White fat stores energy from food as fat, preferably around the organs, our buttocks and hips. Like muscles, brown fat decreases with age. Also, overweight people seem to have less brown adipose tissue in their body than slim people.n.

But just like muscles, you can influence the production and maintenance of brown fat yourself. For example, I read that eating high-fat food, and by that they mean of course healthy fats such as nuts, fish, avocado, stimulates the production of brown fat. And that's right. I always tell my clients that the unsaturated fats from your food go in with a broom and nicely sweep the inside of your vein walls to sweep out the saturated fats that thought they could stick to your vein walls.

But taking a cold shower also seems to stimulate the effect of brown fat. If you take a cold shower, your body must ensure that it stays at the right temperature. To do that, the brown fat burns energy.

It remains of course still the case that if you want to lose weight, you have to eat less and exercise more. But you should also know that it is good to eat more unsaturated fats. And you can get used to a cold shower. At first I also thought it was terrible, but soon I didn't feel fresh at all if I didn't shower cold for a day.

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