The button to start with the Proud Today detox.

Besides weight consultant I am also an orthomolecular detox coach. I do my own Proud Today detox twice a year. I do that in the first week of January and at the end of the summer vacation. The detox helps me to switch again after a period in which I paid less attention to my diet and exercised less.

In detox, you may think of living on juices for a week and starving yourself. The Proud Today detox is a mild detox where you can simply eat 3 nutritious meals a day. This means you are not hungry. It is easy to combine with a family and you can also work and play sports. I think the biggest advantage of the detox is that it helps enormously to switch the button again. In addition, it also gives you a lot of energy. No sugar and alcohol at all for a week gives your body so much rest.

Last Saturday I received a text from a client who asked me how it was possible that she has so much energy during her detox week. The answer is simple. Your body gets rid of waste products and you do not introduce any new harmful substances to your body. As a result, the body does not need to expend extra energy to process and dispose of these ballast substances.

You also lose weight due to the detox and that is of course a nice bonus, but the detox is not initially intended for that. When you go back to eating and drinking whatever you feel like after the detox, the kilos will be there again. But if you decide to eat better after the detox and exercise more, that weight loss from the detox will give you a nice head start..

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