I am not allowed to eat anything (tasty) in the near future… or am I?

If you look at the photo above, you really don't get happy.And if you actually know that you should lose some kilos and you think that you can only eat like the one in the photo, you will not get well at alled?

I am not allowed to eat anything tasty in the coming period or I amwel?
A common mistake when people want to lose weight is to eat very little to achieve their goal. Somehow I understand that thought: you want to lose weight, so if you eat very little, you will lose weight. But it doesn't work that way and luckily. You really don't have to bite on a stick to lose weight.

I just can't!
When I am called for an intake, I often hear the same story. Someone wants to lose weight, has been trying on their own for a while, but nothing wants to lose weight. The person then asks me how that is possible, because he or she really does not eat much.

When I ask how people currently eat, I often see the same pattern:

  • Until about 16 o'clock they think it is going very well themselves. Because most people are distracted by the hustle and bustle of the day, they can suppress their hunger pangs well.
  • When they come home around the end of the afternoon or early in the evening, the feeling of hunger can no longer be ignored and all kinds of things are already eaten during cooking.
  • All those nibbles are so full that they eat too little during dinner.r.
  • ’In the evening many people plop tired on the couch. This is when the thought creeps in that today was not going well at all due to the grazing for dinner.
  • They decide to get off to a good start tomorrow and therefore only take a cookie or a bowl of chips because from tomorrow it is not allowed for a long time, they think.).

That also works
When someone comes to me to lose weight, I make a personal and balanced weekly menu. This menu contains all the nutrients we need on a daily basis and the calories are well distributed over several eating moments per day. The personal weekly menu is completely tailored to the taste and lifestyle of the client. They may even have a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate in the evening.

They lose weight and feel fit. That is a lot cozier?

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