Do you eat enough fiber?

Health and healthy food is a hot item, but fiber seems to be neglected.

Do you eat enough fiber?

The daily recommended amount of fiber for adults is between 30 and 40. We all arrive at a meager 15. That's a bad thing because fiber contributes enormously to good health.d.

What are fiber?

Fibers are vegetable products that are not digestible by humans in the small intestine, but reach the large intestine undigested. They can be divided into digestible and indigestible fibers. In the colon, the digestible fiber is broken down by the colon bacteria. This releases gases that ensure that the stool remains flexible. This ensures an easy bowel movement. The fibers keep the intestinal bacteria, also called intestinal flora, strong and healthy. In this way they ensure that all kinds of disease processors do not have a chance. A few examples of digestible fiber are bananas, garlic, onions, asparagus, chicory, artichoke, apples, apricots, and oranges.

Indigestible fibers are the fibers that pass through the large intestinal tract in its entirety. During this passage they bind all kinds of substances, including cholesterol. This passage increases the volume of the stool, which promotes bowel motility. This ensures a good metabolism. A few examples of indigestible fiber are whole grains, fruit peels and vegetable cell walls. Products containing fiber always contain both types, but in varying composition..

How to increase your daily fiber intake 

If you want to increase your fiber intake, it is very easy. Choose whole grain products such as bread, but also whole grain pasta and brown rice. A breakfast with oatmeal or All Bran from Kelloggs, possibly supplemented with linseed and / or diced date, fig or apricot, offers a lot of fiber. Cook organic potatoes once in the jacket. Eat 2 pieces of fruit a day. An extra scoop of vegetables also contributes to a higher fiber intake.e.

Just this ...

When you increase your fiber intake, you may temporarily experience stomach cramps and flatulence. This is caused by the gases that are released when the intestinal bacteria break down the fibers. You can solve this by slowly increasing the fiber intake. In addition, make sure that you consume 1.5 liters of fluid daily. This ensures a smoother passage of the fibers through the intestines.

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