You have peanut butter and… peanut butter

Peanut butter is cheap and a good alternative to sweet spreads or cold cuts. It is high in calories because it consists largely of unsaturated fats. One gram of fat contains nine calories. So use common sense. The unsaturated fats from the peanut butter are good for your body reminder: they are ok. Unsaturated fats ensure that the content of bad fats the LDL fats with the L of low, reminder No. 2 in your body, is lower. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.ekten.

Fat has even more benefits. It ensures a slow saturation so that you are full longer and therefore less hungry again. As a result, you end up eating less in a day. Peanut butter also contains a lot of protein and a number of important vitamins such as vitamin E and potassium. Proteins are important for our immune system, among other things. Vitamin E protects our body cells from free radical attack and potassium keeps our blood pressure at a healthy level.

My 8 year old daughter eats a whole grain cracker with peanut butter and banana slices every morning. I'm not complaining.

Is all peanut butter equally good for you?

No! Most peanut butter contains about 85 percent peanut. And salt and, nowadays more and more often, sugar is added to this. To make it more spreadable, extra oil is also added.

However, I have discovered a great peanut butter: theAH 100 peanut butter naturall. It consists of one hundred percent peanuts. How pure do you want it The price is also nice. A 350 gram jar costs 1.75,75

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