Carbohydrates and weight loss

Carbohydrates are the body's largest energy suppliers.

In the hope of losing weight quickly, carbohydrates are sometimes resolutely removed from the menu. I'd rather not see this and I'll tell you why:

Carbohydrates are the body's largest energy suppliers. When your body does not consume carbohydrates, it will get the energy from fats and proteins. However, this energy is used less well by your body. After a few days you may start to feel shaky, lifeless or even depressed. You could also experience persistent headaches or dizziness. This is because a large part of the energy from the carbohydrates is normally used by your muscles and brain. The logical consequence of this is that the diet attempt is canceled and the old eating pattern is resumed. This way you will never get around to pushing through to get to your target weight.

If you want to lose weight, the right carbohydrates can help you enormously. With the right carbohydrates I mean the slow carbohydrates. These are rich in fiber. Fiber ensures that your body has to make more effort to absorb the energy from the carbohydrates, so that the release of the energy is also more gradual, so that you are saturated for longer. This will make you less likely to have the urge to snack in between.

In addition, whole grain products contain all kinds of minerals and vitamins that contribute to good health. Whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, bulgur, brown rice, oatmeal and legumes are a few examples of slow carbohydrate products.

Fast carbohydrates can be found in white bread, white rice, white pasta, cookies and soft drinks. Characteristic of these products is that, unlike the slow carbohydrates, they contain no fiber and hardly any nutrients. You get empty calories and because of the absence of fiber you are less saturated and you will get hungry again.

Potatoes also consist of fast carbohydrates, but also contain a lot of vitamin C. Now and then 2 boiled potatoes on your plate for a change is very good for your health.

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