Recognize your pitfalls and tackle them!

Clients come to my practice to lose weight and / or improve their energy level. They want to get rid of a problem, their overweight or a low energy level due to a bad diet. They will undoubtedly face their own pitfalls. Those pitfalls can make it quite difficult for them to stay focused on their goal.

I dare say that because I:

  • who have experience with my client
  • speak from your own experience…

From my own experience

I serve as an example. I am the face of my company. I preach fitness, health and thinness. I find that last word of slimness a bit tricky to write down. That could mean that I think everyone should have a size 36, and I absolutely don't think so. But most people come to me to slim down anyway, so I will have to stay slim myself.n.

Being slim comes naturally to me?

No way! Just like other women, especially women of my age, I have to pay a lot of attention. I am slim now, but if I am not babysitting, one day I am suddenly no longer. My goal is actually: always be fit and slim. The worst pitfalls for me are: too many pleasant eating and drinking moments at the weekend. A golden combination to not achieve my goal.n.

It works best for me if I plan ahead as accurately as possible throughout the week, including Sunday. Planning gives me peace of mind and keeps me focused.

My pitfall for today…

Plenty of temptations. Now at the moment that I am writing this piece my husband asks if I can sit outside to drink a beer and eat bitterballen with the neighbors. I actually want to say yes, because I love beer, bitterballen and my neighborhoods, but I don't.t.

Sun Sunday afternoon I get lazy, I no longer feel like cooking, we are going to order something, I will make that bottom of wine on what has remained, tomorrow I wake up much less fit than I would like, lettuce I only do sports once and so I am in a negative spiral that will certainly not help me to my goal..

And my shovel with which I close that trap…

so that I can walk over it nicely.

I write my piece obediently and drink my water see photo: I will also run a bit later. While I run, I keep in mind the next week and put that on paper at

I'm going to bed on time tonight. Just watch Netflix and start my week fresh and fruity tomorrow, as I agreed with myself.

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