It's always the right time to start!

Now stop: I would like to, butr……”

You have wanted to change something in your life for a while. You know that when you do that you will feel better. Yet you keep procrastinating and you never get to the point where you actually start doing it.

For example, take your weight for convenience. You know that when you are at a healthier weight, your clothes fit better and you have more energy. This will put you in a positive flow. You are happier when you look in the mirror. You will exercise more. Your life will be different.

Postponement leads to cancellation

Yet every time you think: now I'm going to do it, there are appointments in your agenda again, so that you decide to start again after that one birthday. After that birthday you really start, oh no that weekend after that you have another festival. Yes then you cannot go to the water. Then just start. You keep procrastinating like that. Because after that festival a new situation will arise.

That's why you just have to start and not wait for the right moment, because it will never come. Now is the only time. It's not the perfect time, but the only time.

A world opens up for you :)

If you want to change something in your life, you will have to live with it.

If you want to do something about your weight and you want to have a healthy BMI for the rest of your life and feel vital, there will still be parties, birthdays, holidays and weekends away. You have to learn to deal with that. Slim people also have parties, outings and holidays. And if you do have that yummy cake and prosecco on a birthday, your attempt has really not failed. These moments are also part of a healthy diet where you have a healthy weight. It's just about where your balance lies. And you will only find out when you get started.

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