The result of personal attention.

Personal attention is an important pillar at Proud Today.

Every client gets a basic menu from me where they get all the nutrients they need.

I would argue that my clients consume more nutrients per day than most people.

That is enough for some clients. They have a clear goal and there is nothing to stop them from reaching that goal.

That is also the group that can easily take a little extra in addition to the menu. They just enjoy that extra and then they pick up the thread again.

But I also have another group that does not make it on the adapted menu alone.

I don't always find out immediately. Because often these clients start very enthusiastically and lose weight well in two weeks. But if she actually hangs on the same weight afterwards, I have to dig and dig.

Of course I do that together with the client. And a different approach suits everyone.

I.I want to share a nice example with you:

One of my clients is an 18 year old student.

Despite the weekly menu and regular exercise, she hardly lost weight in the beginning.

Then we agreed that she would send me an email every evening in which she would write down what she ate and drank that day and what time that was. She would also keep track of what she did that day.

This confronted her with what she actually already knew.

When she is busy with school, she does not eat well, does not exercise and hardly drinks any water. She also eats the wrong things late. By writing it down, she became even more aware of it and she started to come up with solutions and plans to keep a better eye on her food and drink more water even during busy school periods. As a coach I was able to respond and advise immediately through the emails. The idea that she actually had to move put too much pressure on her and only caused stress.

So we agreed that she would just take a walk now and then to get some exercise, but also clear her head and get some fresh air.

You can see the result on the receipts. Two weeks later, she lost 3.4 pounds in fat. Purely by eating healthy in combination with personal attention.

And look at the muscle mass: only 800 grams of muscle mass lost in two weeks. A very normal decrease for someone who is somewhat overweight. If she had also done muscle strengthening exercises, the muscle decrease would have been lower. But she will do that at a later date.

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