Easter eggs!

The Easter eggs have been staring at us for a while from the shelves in the shops.

If you are sensitive to it, it is so easy to take such a bag home with you..

At home you grab an egg every time. It seems nothing, such a small egg. But there are on average about 45 calories in a chocolate egg.e.

You can easily eat ten in a day. Doesn't seem like anything. But 450 kcal is roughly the number of calories in a light evening meal.

Besides the fact that you unnoticeably consume too many calories in this way, it really does something in your body.

Therefore a lesson about carbohydrates:

 Easter eggs consist of 4.5 grams of sugar, which is approximately equal to 1 sugar cube.

A sugar cube is pure sugar, no fiber, minerals or vitamins.

Every time we eat carbohydrates, our body breaks these sugars down into glucose.

Glucose is the most important fuel for our cells. It provides energy for thinking, talking, moving, for everything actually.

However, there is a difference between fast and slow carbohydrates. Fast carbohydrates hardly need to be broken down because they already consist of almost pure sugar. Fast sugars can be found in biscuits, candy, soft drinks, white bread, white rice and white pasta.

Slow carbohydrates contain fiber, minerals and vitamins in addition to sugar. Slow carbohydrates are found in wholemeal bread, brown rice, potatoes, wholemeal pasta and legumes, fruits and vegetables. With slow carbohydrates, the body must first extract the glucose from the fibers and also something with those vitamins and minerals, and then the glucose is only released into the blood, causing your blood sugar to rise much more slowly. Your energy is released more gradually.


Every time you eat a chocolate egg, your pancreas starts to produce insulin. Insulin causes the cells to open to allow the glucose in so that the glucose can supply the cell with energy. But when the cells are saturated, because you have been eating eggs all day, they no longer open to the insulin. The insulin will first see if your glycogen stock can be replenished. If you exercise regularly, you will probably get off well. Then you have consumed part of your glycogen stock during exercise and you can supplement nicely with the new glucose.

If you are not very agile, this kite will unfortunately not work.

Then the insulin knocks on your fat cells. These fat cells are not that picky. They always let in the glucose. And where are those fat cells exactly. They are on our hips, stomach and thighs..

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