Hmmmmmmm…. Horchata

Are you in Valencia this summer??
Do you want a healthy alternative to 2 scoops of ice cream with whipped cream??
There are carts selling Horchata throughout the city.
In Valencia they write it as Orxata.

Horchata is a refreshing milky drink made from almonds, water and sugar.
Earth almonds are also called tiger nuts and have nothing to do with almonds.
In Spanish they are called chufas.
Earth almonds are full of valuable nutrients including unsaturated fats and vitamin E.
Thanks to these nutrients and the water, a Horchata quenches your thirst and is also a healthy energy booster.
The added sugar of course makes it a lot less healthy.
Fortunately, with most carts you can choose between a cup of Horchata made with sugar or a cup without sugar.

With a Horchata you get a façon as standard.
A façon is an elongated, sweet, white bun. It is sprinkled with powdered sugar. With this sandwich you dip in the Horchata.
Whenever I ordered a no sugar Horchata, I just said I don't want the bun with it.

I hereby give you a recipe to make Horchata yourself.
Nice to make when you have friends over on a hot day.
You can then serve it when it is just too early for alcohol.

I have only found the earth almonds online. Online they are mainly called tiger nuts.

For 1 liter of Horchata you need:
• 200 g whole tiger nuts, soaked for 24 hours in plenty of water.
• 1 liter of cold water
• possibly some cinnamon
• ice cubes

This is how you make it:
• Drain the soaked tiger nuts and put them in a blender with the cold water.
• Blend at the highest speed until smooth.
• Optionally add some cinnamon and blend again.
• Over a pitcher, pour the tiger nut milk through a sieve and squeeze out as much of the milk as possible from the ground tiger nuts.
• Fill the jug with some ice cubes and serve immediately.


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