Suffering from a late night snack? Have a pomegranate!

Just like other people who work late at their computer, I also get a good appetite at some point.’.

Like so many other people, I am often still busy until late at night. Just like so many other people who work late at their computer, I also get a good appetite at some point. You get tired, you get a little cold, you are far from finished and it really has to be finished, then you often go looking for a bit.en’.

Last week I also sat at the computer late in the evening doing the administration until I suddenly felt hungry. There was some leftover candy in the cupboard, but I didn't want to get into that. Then I found a pomegranate in the refrigerator drawer.

Anyone who has ever eaten a fresh pomegranate knows that getting the seeds out is quite a job. You will be 10 minutes further. But that is very good for such a snack in the evening. In those 10 minutes of trying to get the seeds out of the pomegranate you are briefly focused on something other than whatever you were doing and it also gives your head time to reduce the urge for bad snacks that we crave the fastest. tend to let go of grabbing.aten.

For those who have never eaten a fresh pomegranate; you cut the pomegranate in half and beat the seeds out of the two halves with the convex side of a large spoon. Use a high bowl as it can splash quite a bit.

Pomegranate seeds are sweet, juicy and crunchy, all the ingredients you are looking for in a tasty snack. The pomegranate is low in calories and contains a number of very valuable nutrients such as vitamin C for a good resistance, potassium for a healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart and vitamin B5 that contributes to a good energy level and a well-functioning nervous system. Furthermore, pomegranates are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our body cells against the attack of free radicals. Free radicals can cause irreparable damage to our body. Just like any other fruit, the pomegranate also contains fruit sugars, but the absorption of these sugars is slowed by the presence of the natural fibers.

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