Stress and obesity

Everyone knows that people literally no longer get a bite down their throats in response to stress. If they then eat less for a while in response to stress, they lose weight. Other people start eating in times of stress and their bodies prefer sugar-rich products. Glucose sugar stimulates the production of the happiness hormone serotonin in the brain. But I also see people in my practice who are in a stress situation and who have not started eating more or less at all and still gain weight.t.

How come?

Our body regulates and directs everything itself. We sometimes forget that. In response to stress, our body lowers metabolism. The body does this because it prefers to use energy to keep the stressed body afloat. With a reduced metabolism where you continue to eat the same amount, your body will use less and what is not consumed stores as fat reserve. In addition, the hormones adrenaline and cortisol come into action during stress.

Adrenaline causes a rapid rise in blood sugar in case of sudden stress so that enough energy is released to flee or fight. But with prolonged dormant stress, the released adrenaline is not consumed immediately, so that the sugar level in the blood sugar remains too high for too long.

Despite the fact that the energy released from the adrenaline is not used up, cortisol reacts to the adrenaline to produce new energy in the form of glucose. This also keeps the sugar level in the blood rising. Insulin has the job of ensuring that the glucose is transported to the body cells so that they can convert the glucose into energy. When the sugar level in the blood is continuously too high, the insulin keeps sending glucose to the body cells. The result of this is that the body cells become oversaturated and literally slam the door. The only cells that are willing to endlessly absorb the glucose are the fat cells, preferably those around your stomach and organs. This will allow you to gain weight without eating more.n.

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