Tinto de Verano, Salud!

Tinto de Verano, Salud!

A few weeks ago I posted oneblog about Spritzer.

Spritzer is a drink that consists of 1/3 white wine, 2/3 Spa red, ice cubes and a slice of lemon. It is a good alternative for people who were born with a Burgundian streak but also want to keep their tummy tautJ

The Spritzer seriously got me through the summer. I didn't feel like a normal glass of wine anymore, because I suddenly found it so hard.

If you have a nice drink with Spritzer in the afternoon, you will not get dull at all, which is often the case with a normal glass of wine. You stay clear in your head so you are less inclined to order a pizza or get fries and just make that pasta or that salad for dinner, as you had planned that morning.

Well, I was in the Albert Heyn this week and suddenly I saw very sweet summery red bottles with such a typical Spanish appearance between the normal wines and the non-alcoholic drinks. That was my introduction to Tinto de Verano, so I didn't know it at all..

I read that it contained red wine, carbonated water and some lemony substances.

I took the bottles home and it was ok. Great taste but they are small bottles, so you empty it in 3 good sips. And then I am quickly inclined to a 2the one 3the etc. etc. drink emptiness. That seemed a bit expensive to me so I decided to just make it myself.

A Tinto de Verano is usually made with 1/3 part red wine, 2/3 part Bitter lemon or Sprite, some orange slices and ice cubes.

I make it slightly different, I mix 1/3 part red wine with 2/3 part Spa red. I then add squeezed lemon and orange to taste and then finish this with ice cubes and slices of orange, this combination is not at all sweet, but especially very fresh.

We are slowly but surely towards the end of the summer, but there will still be plenty of beautiful warm days or balmy evenings where you feel like having a drink and the Tinto de Verano is very suitable for that, not only in terms of composition but also in terms of look.

It has a bit of that warm, sultry orange summer evening look that totally fits in the run-up to fall.

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